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Quotes... - Angie's Peace Corps (Namibia) Adventure

Apr. 4th, 2006

10:09 pm - Quotes...

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Sometimes when I'm listening to music I take down quotes that stand out to me, for one reason or another. I've been keeping a log here & there & decided I want to put them up here on my journal- because many times, they say it much better than I ever could. Take from them what you will. I won't go into deep explanation of each of them or why they stand out. Some are personal & just for me to have a reminder of where I am mentally/emotionally, some of them will make sense as they are, others you have to read between the lines. Without further ado...

“I walk into this room
All eyes on me now
But I do not know the people inside
They look straight through me,
These eyes
Seeking more wisdom
Than I have to give away...”
~Dave Matthews Band

“You could say that I'm the one curly fry in the box of the regular, messing with the flavor- the flavor that you savor. Saving me for last, but you better not eat me at all. I'm living in a fast-food bag making friends with the ketchup & salt. People say that I'm crazy for not moving on to better things instead of sitting around trash-talking w/ the onion rings, but it's much to soon to leave this easy life. You better pass me that spoon, pass the analytical knife.”

“Recalling of a while
We used to drive & drive
Here & there
Going nowhere but for us
Nowhere but the two of us
And we knew it was time
To take a chance here
And time to compromise
Our lives for just a little while.”
~Mraz (For Lizard & Cristine Beast)

“It's when you cry just a little
But you laugh in the middle
that you've made it.”

“You can turn off the sun,
but I'm still gonna shine.”

“They're reading names out over the radio
All the folks the rest of us
Won't get to know
Shaun & Julia,
Garett & Andrina,
their lives are bigger than any big idea.”

“You can run from love
and if it's really love
It will find you,
Catch you by the heels.”

“The more you see
the less you know
The less you find out
as you go
I knew much more then
than I do now.”

“Where you live
Should not decide
Whether you live
or whether you die.”

“You should never have to watch
as your only children
are lowered in the ground
I mean, never have to
bury your own babies.”
~Dave Matthews

“Take these shoes,
click-clacking down some dead-end street
Take these shoes
and make them fit
Take this shirt
polyester white trash, painted nowhere
Take this shirt
and make it clean
Take this soul
stranded in some
skin & bones
Take this soul
and make it sing
Take these hands
teach them what to carry
Take these hands
don't make a fist, no
Take this mouth
so quick to criticize
Take this mouth,
give it a kiss.”

“Isn't it strange
how we move our lives
for another day,
like skipping a beat?
What if a great wave
should wash us all away?
Just thinking out loud
Don't mean to dwell
on this dying thing
But look at our blood
it's alive right now
deep & sweet within
pouring through our veins
intoxicate moving wine to tears
then drinking it deep
An evening spent dancing
it's you & me
This love will open our world
From the dark side
we can see the glow of something bright
There's much more than we see here
Don't burn the day away
Don't burn the day

Is this not enough?
This blessed sip of life
is it not enough
Staring down at the ground
then complain and pray for more from above
you greedy little pig
Stop just watch your world trickle away
it's your problem now
It'll all be dead & gone
in a few short years
Just love will open our eyes
just love will put the hope back in our minds
much more than we could ever know
So don't burn the day
Come sister, my brother
shake up your bones, shake up your feet
I'm saying open up
and let the rain come pouring in
Wash out this tired notion
that “the best is yet to come”
While you're dancing on the ground
don't think of when you're gone
Love, love, love,
what more is there?
Cause we need the light of love in here
Don't beat your head
dry your eyes
let the love in there
There's bad times
but that's ok
just look for love in it

Look, here are we
on this starry night
staring into space
And I must say
I feel as small as dust lying down here

What point could there be in troubling
head down wondering
what will become of me
Why concern
We cannot seeing
But no reason to abandon it
Our time is short
time that's alright
Maybe I'll go out in the middle of the night
but take your hands from your eyes my love
All good things must come to an end sometime
but don't burn the day ...away.”
~Dave Matthews Band

“Something always comes from the music anyway
Came into my life & ripped my blues away
That stereo is my best friend everyday
Something always comes from the music
Don't you feel that music going through your bones?
And don't you feel that music is life?
Well I do,
It's like blood overflowing
And I pray to God that the music fills the cup
Well it gets me off when I'm feeling down
And I cannot sleep when that music is around
Well I live just to move
Get on up & get that groove back in your move

A wise man once said, he said
'When music is the one thing that surrounds you,
you feel no pain.' “

“Though my mouth may be shut
the voice in my head sings a million tunes.”
~Yonder Mountain String Band

“I will go in this way
and find my own way out.”
~Dave Matthews Band

“I'm only this far
and only tomorrow leads the way.”
~Dave Matthews Band

“But life is for living,
we all know”

“A brand new baby was born yesterday,
just in time
Papa cried, baby cried, said your tears are like mine
I heard some words from a friend on the phone
Didn't sound so good
The doctor gave him two weeks to live
I'd give him more if I could
You know that I would now
if only I could
Down the middle
drops one more grain of sand
They say that new life makes losing life
easier to understand
Words are kind
they help ease the mind
of this, my old friend
Though you gotta go
we'll keep a piece of your soul
One goes out, one comes in
You know that I would now
if only I could.”
~Jack Johnson

“Sitting still as stone
watching, watching
People walking by me now
I wonder why
no one ever stops to talk or thinks about it
They ever did
What if God shuffled by?
One day we might see
we're doing not a thing
We're breathing just to breathe
You & I might find some kind of reason
But it's running around
that seems what's wrong w the world
Don't lose the dreams inside your head
they're only there until you're dead

Lying on the roof,
counting the stars that fill the sky
I wonder if
someone in the heaven's looking back down on me
I'll never know
So much space to believe
Funny, when you're small
the moon follows the car
There's no one but you see
hey, the moon is chasing me
And I worried if I looked away
she'd be gone
Don't let the troubles in your head
take too much time
You'll soon be dead
so play
Walking through the woods
with no cares in the world
The world, she's come to play
and she's all mine just for a day
And there's no time to lose
in the play of this game
don't lose the dreams inside your head
they're only there until you're dead
All fall down it won't be so long now
Out of the darkness comes light
like a flash
You think you can, you think you can
sometimes that is the problem
Dream little darling dream
Spinning on the wind,
a leaf fell from the limb
But everyday should be a good day to die
I find it hard to explain
how I got here
I think i can i think i can
but then again I will falter
I think i can, I think i can
Dream little darling, dream....

Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Dave Matthews Band- Live @ Gorge 2002