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Oh yeah... about my PCV Friend, Rute - Angie's Peace Corps (Namibia) Adventure

Apr. 4th, 2006

11:31 pm - Oh yeah... about my PCV Friend, Rute

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we're hanging out this week! She's here , I'm here! it's friggin' great!!! She's the person I most talked to during training, from day one we hit it off- even before we left America. And we've been through this whole crazy ride together. I consider her to be my best PCV friend & we've uplifted each other many many times throughout this time. She also is tied to CAFO here, so we're in the same wk.shop & we finally get to hang. It's been real nice. I've talked about Rute before on here. She's cool & we have shared a lot of the same experiences- it's nice to have atleast that one person that you can really talk to about everything that you're going through & to know that they truly understand because well, they're in the same boat. It makes it feel like we're not all alone out here & it helps a lot. It's almost like being with an old friend, w someone from back at home. Good stuff. It's 11:35pm. East Coasters- we're only on a 5 hour time difference now. Good night!

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