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April 6, 2007 11:25am Listening to: Ryan Adams- Love is Hell cd I… - Angie's Peace Corps (Namibia) Adventure

Apr. 6th, 2007

02:24 pm

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April 6, 2007
Listening to: Ryan Adams- Love is Hell cd

I have to make this very quick so I can get outta here & head to town. It’s Easter weekend. I hope I can find a taxi to & from town. I’m meeting Tamara for pizza at SOS at 2 & I still have to do some groceries & internet in town.

Alright, here’s what the perfect package looks like on the outside. I would advise you to follow this as closely as possible if/when you send a package. Liz & Siggi’s package got to me in 3 weeks & completely intact.

1.) Okay, first off you wanna send things in a package as plain as possible. If you can fit what you are sending in a shoebox, perfect. If not, just try to keep as plain as possible.

2.) If you can wrap the box in some plain construction paper or brown paper bag- like material, that works wonders.

3.) write little religious statements around the box. I.E.: Draw a little cross, write “God bless you sister angie”, “glory be to God”, “Jesus loves you”. etc etc. I cracked up at Liz & Siggi’s package cause on the bottom of the packaging is written: “Those who steal will be punished- God”. Haha.
4.) I think this is crucial- on the sender’s name put all your info but make up a church name & act like it’s coming from the church.
Sister Liz & Sister Siggi
Church of the Holy Brethren
12345 S.W. 1 St.
NY, NY 12345

5.) On the declaration description of contents, do not write exactly what you put inside the package. Write that you are sending religious pamphlets, rosaries, bible, whatever. Or any boring thing you can think of- a card, letters, etc. We’re trying to avert thievery here folks. Use your imagination. And of course, claim that the value is much less than it really is.

6.) Make sure you label it AIR MAIL.

7.) Send it to
Sister Angie Larenas
c/o Catholic AIDS Action
PO Box 2
RC Mission- Okatana
Oshakati, Namibia

So it seems like a bit of a pain in the ass, but I can assure you that your package is much more likely to arrive to me safe & sound and in a timely manner if you follow the above instructions. And if you took the time & money to gather some stuff and ship it over to me, of course we want it to actually get to me. I’ve had a couple packages go missing & quite honestly it sucks, so we gotta do what we gotta do to try to avoid that. Again, I think God will understand. Don’t you?

I’m gonna get ready to start making my way to town. It’s scorching hot today. Wish me luck in scoring a taxi to town. It’s a 45 minute walk to town otherwise. “See you” on the web.

Happy Easter!!!

Peace & Love.


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Date:April 7th, 2007 02:28 am (UTC)
I'm glad you got the package!! I'm gonna forward your journal entries about it to Siggi, since I know she'll appreciate them!

And in case you're wondering, we sent it air mail, as opposed to ground/boat/molasses in winter/whatever mail. It costs a few bucks more, but we thought it'd have a better chance of getting to ya. Obviously, it worked!

Also, for those who use brown paper wrap, make sure you tape it thoroughly -- at least across the address horizontally and vertically. Otherwise, if the paper goes, then the address goes with it. I taped the corners too, just to prevent rippage there, since it seemed like the corners are prone to that. Or maybe I was just having too much fun with the tape gun at my dad's store. You pick.

And we can't wait to see you back at church, Sister! :)
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Date:April 13th, 2007 01:06 pm (UTC)
\yeah please forward it on to Siggi. I will try to email it to her myself but i'm not sure if i still have her addy.

Thanks again, you girls rock. Nam is not the same w/out you. Tell the people of the church i miss them very much, Sister. haha :)
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