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I miss... - Angie's Peace Corps (Namibia) Adventure

Mar. 5th, 2006

01:55 pm - I miss...

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Things I miss from home, as of 3/4/06 (Aside from the obvious friends & family of course)

• Comedy Central
• Reno 911
• The Daily Show
• Chapelle’s Show (Whatever happened w that anyways? Did he return from Africa & get back to the show yet?)
• Family Guy
• Saturday Night Live re-runs
• US Weekly magazine
• Barnes & Noble/ Bookstores in general
• Starbucks/ Coffee Shops
• Mochas: any kind- iced, frapped, hot,
• Camping
• The Everglades
• My DMB & Jason Mraz live collections
• Water that tastes good & doesn’t have floating particles in it
• Reliable electricity
• Reliable water source
• Soft water- the H2O here is really rough & hard
• Speaking Spanish
• The Warehouse- ahh the good old WH msg. boards & all the WH folks.
• Being able to access the internet at ANYTIME (and for free)
• Alone time
• Driving around late @ night aimlessly with my music & my thoughts, trying to fix the world.
• Driving around aimlessly w/ Cristine Beast & Lizard, sometimes long distances, talking about life.
• My bed (my room… my house)
• 127th Ave- the one street I used to actually enjoy driving on, most of the time.
• Denny’s
• Honey Mustard
• Being able to pick up the phone @ anytime to make phone calls
• Trips to Best Buy for music
• Going to the movies
• Chicken fingers
• Knowing what is going on around me at all times/ knowing what is being said
• Having a good idea of what’s going on
• Languages I fully comprehend
• Being able to fully & easily communicate
• Being in the loop with current events & personal affairs of friends/family.
• American humor
• Sarcasm
• Cuban & Chilean food
• Cheese empanadas
• Defined parameters!
• Structure!
• American time: Timely-ness/ Punctuality (People & things being ON TIME)
• American work ethic
• Sense of hope, motivation, & goals (not in myself, I mean in others)
• Having clean, un-chapped feet (Specifically heels)
• Waxing my eyebrows
• Having restaurants to go to (There is nowhere to go eat here in Gibeon)
• Having a mailbox to walk to daily & having it be just a few steps outside our door
• Dave Matthews Band concerts/ tours
• “The American pace”
• Blending in with the rest of the crowd- not sticking out like a sore thumb.
• Being able to walk anywhere & everywhere without being stared at.
• Nestle Crunch bars
• Goobers

Things I don’t miss…
• Miami itself
• Miami’s humidity
• Miami traffic
• Overpopulation
• Driving
• Peoples’ (particularly strangers’) general unfriendliness toward each other
• Materialism
• Trendiness
• The immense fakeness of some people, particularly those who follow mainstream & pop-culture like sheep (i.e. the majority of the MTV crowd)
• TV commercials
• The crazy, non-stop, fast-paced American way of life.

I realize that some of these things are listed under both the “missed” and “not missed” columns. It’s a love-hate relationship with some of these things. For example, the pace of life is totally different here & while it is nice, I’m not used to a slow pace & it can be frustrating and will take some time to adjust. Besides, I’m not perfect & I never said I was non-contradictory.

Current Mood: peacefulpeaceful
Current Music: Angie's Bad Ass Mix- CD3 (Evanescence, don't know the name)