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Soundtrack of My Life - Angie's Peace Corps (Namibia) Adventure

Apr. 4th, 2006

10:07 pm - Soundtrack of My Life

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ORIGINALLY WRITTEN ON 3/20/06, sometime in the evening.

So I decided to share with you all the music I've been listening to over the last few weeks. I love music. God, I just do not know what I would do without it. If I had to be stranded on an island, take anything you want from me, but leave me my music. That old question about whether you would rather be blind or deaf... I've finally arrived at an answer. Honestly, I would rather be neither. But if I had to pick, I'd have to choose being blind. My music is my life & if I was no longer able to listen to it, you may as well consider me dead cause that's what I'd feel like inside.

On to the list....

*The Clarks- Let It Go (He'll never see this, but thanks Dennis)
*Jack Johnson- Brushfire Fairytales
On & On
In Between Dreams
*Phil Collins- Hits
*Widespread Panic- Til the Medicine Takes (thanks Michael)
*Beatles- Best of 67-70
1's (thanks Serg)
*Bela Fleck & the Flecktones- Left Of Cool
*Dido- No Angel
*Jem- Finally Woken
*Alanis Morisette- Under Rug Swept
*Travis- Invisible Band
*David Gray- White Ladder
*Gomez- 3 different compilations, quite the mix (thanks Stephen)
*3 Doors Down- The Better Life
Another 700 Miles
Seventeen Days (thanks Brian)
*Billy Joel- Greatest Hits Vol. III
*Rusted Root- When I Woke (thanks Hippie Heather)
*Unwritten Law- Don't know album name
*Vertical Horizon- Everything You Want
*Angie's Bad-Ass Mix CD 1-5 (thanks to Robin, a PCV who let me steal a bunch of her music during training)
*Maroon 5- Songs About Jane
*Coldplay- Parachutes
*U2- How to Distmantle an Atomic Bomb
All That You Can't Leave Behind
*Guster- Keep It Together
*Matchbox 20- Mad Season
*Yonder Mountain String Band- Mountain Tracks (thanks Michael)
*O.A.R.- In Between Now & Then (thanks Jason B.)
*Stone Temple Pilots- No. 4
*Howie Day- Stop All the World
*Garden State Soundtrack
*Jason Mraz- Waiting For My Rocket to Come
Live @ Java Joes
Live @ Ventura, California Jan. 05
Tonight, Not Again (Live @ Eagles Ballroom)
*Dave Matthews Band- Warehouse 5, Vol. 2
Warehouse 5, Vol. 3
Warehouse 8, Vol. 1
Stand Up
Before These Crowded Streets
Live @ the Gorge 2002
Remember Two Things (thanks Yeye)

New Additions as of 3/27..

Jason Mraz- Mr. A-Z (FINALLY!!! I've been waiting 4 months for this!)
Dave Matthews Band- Summer 04 Debuts & Extras (compilation made by me)
Weekend on the Rocks (Surprise gift from my big brother. Awe...)
Warehouse 5, Vol. 1

That about sums up the soundtrack of my life here in Namibia. A lot of you back at home often ask me if I need/ want some music. Well yes... and yes. Music is always welcome & always needed. We don't have a TV here, so much of my free time is spent listening to music. That means I can go through all of these cds in a matter of a week or two. Soooo I could definitely use an increase to my music collection.

I made this list to provide you with an idea of the kind of stuff I like. But feel free to send me anything you want. I'm always open to new music. As a matter of fact, a lot of the music I love these days I was introduced to by other people (hence the thank you's in parentheses). So spread the love, spread the music. I'm all for whatever you want to send me. *Except rap... hehe*

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: GOMEZ- Free To Run