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Southern Girls Conference Planning - Angie's Peace Corps (Namibia) Adventure

Apr. 8th, 2006

05:13 pm - Southern Girls Conference Planning

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The reason I’m in Mtal for the weekend is that all the PCVs facilitating the SGC met up today to plan out exactly what we’re gonna do. It was great- we started at 10am and by 1pm we were all done. Everybody had all their stuff together. Lesson plans- check. Materials list- check. Identified girls you are bringing-check. We already had an idea of what things we were going to be covering & who was going to be facilitating what. Today we just had each of us talk about what exactly we’re going to be doing within each subject & present it to the group & finalized other things like transportation logistics/costs, the need to find more funding sources, etc etc.

We’re all pretty pumped for this after today’s meeting. It will be a 3 day camp. Each of us is brining 6 girls from our communities, between 8th and 10th grade. The Conference will be held in Mariental. We’ll be covering issues such as self esteem, healthy relationships, the importance of teamwork, HIV/AIDS, risk reduction, women’s health, etc etc. A lot of these things are also issues that I’ll be covering with girls in the future in my girls club in Gibeon. But this is an opportunity to provide some girls with the opportunity to get out of their towns (many people here have just never been outside their towns) ,to provide them with a wide range of perspectives (We will have successful Namibian women come & talk about what they do & how they got there), & to promote the empowerment of these young women by giving them these life skills tools. Unfortunately, it’s really expensive to do something like this- like I said we are currently still struggling to secure funds- so I can’t bring all the girls I’d like to bring. It’s ok because these things will be covered again in my girls club w the rest of them, but atleast we can give this opportunity to these girls. I know in my case at least, I’m bringing girls who I’ve identified who could really benefit from this or who I feel need it more so than others- meaning particularly girls who I think are in high risk situations or who have problems with self-esteem. Plus I know that these girls will come back and share all of this stuff w/ their friends & even those who couldn’t be there will hopefully gain something from this as well.

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