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Hello - Angie's Peace Corps (Namibia) Adventure

Sep. 10th, 2006

02:10 pm - Hello

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hello to everyone,

due to my being MIA for about the last month, I have plenty of messages/comments to reply to. Unfortunately my time on the intnernet today is limited. Sorry i can't get to any of you on a 1-1 basis. I'll get to you guys in time, as soon as I possibly can of course.

In a nutshell, i'm doing well. I'm VERY happy. I've now re-settled in northern Namibia, which is in stark contrast to southern Namibia. I now live in Okatana, a small village outside Oshakati. If you look for Okatana on a map, you won't find it. But you'll find O.'kati. I just arrived last week & so far everything is going good good good. I'm now working with Catholic AIDS Action, which is one of the best functioning NGO's geared towards HIV/AIDS prevention,awareness, & care here in Namibia. It's beautiful up here and the Owambos (i'm now with a different ethnic group) are wonderful people, just as the Namas in the south were. I do find that it's a bit harder to be white here though, but i'm getting used to being called Oshilumbu (white thing) & it's not the first time i've had to go through this whole phase. I really love it here in Owamboland, & I have to say it feels more like Africa than the south did.

Being in Owamboland means that i have to learn a NEW language yet again, Oshiwambo. I've already started and it's going well. For some reason it's not as challenging to me as Nama was. It's a language that is more logical & I have a good feeling about picking up on it well & quickly.

More at another time, just wanted to let you all know all is well & eventhough i'm starting over again, it's a GREAT thing. I'm probably at my happiest now & I have a good feeling about the next year & 3 months.

Oshi liwete nale, kaume.
See you later, friend.

Peace & Love