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Links relevant to my work here... - Angie's Peace Corps (Namibia) Adventure

Sep. 27th, 2006

03:20 pm - Links relevant to my work here...

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If you are interested or curious, here are a couple links that are relevant to my work here. The first one is CAA's website, the organization I'm working with in Okatana:


The website is pretty basic & doesn't give a whole lot of information or explain how exactly we do what we do, but it provides a basic overview of what Catholic AIDS Action is about. And don't underestimate or be fooled because it is a faith-based organization. Here are 2 things I like about CAA: First off, it was started by a Jewish woman. So eventhough it is called CATHOLIC Aids Action, it doesn't push the religion or shut anyone else out. CAA reaches out to anyone affected or infected by HIV. And second, CAA takes into account the ABCDs of sex, as opposed to just the A&D part:

A- abstinence, B- be faithful, C- Condoms, D- Delay.

I like that it embraces all 4 components of sex/ the fight against HIV. In my opinion, which is founded entirely on my observations in working/interacting with youth & other Namibians, it faces the challenge of fighting HIV in Namibina in a realistic manner, as opposed to just saying "don't have sex".

The other website: http://www.benbikes.org.za/namibia/index.htm

Bicycling Empowerment Network is a fantastic organization that provides bikes for free (or at the very least at VERY reasonable prices) for home-based care volunteers. I have recently contacted them to see how we can get bikes for our volunteers. My office oversees 19 groups of home-based care volunteers, with a total of 270 volunteers. These volunteers often have to walk incredibly long distances to visit HIV positive clients, & it is a bigger problem when they have to carry materials/food. Therefore, supplying them with bikes would alleviate the problem. As with everything else in development work, the whole process will probably take a good 6-8 months, but B.E.N. seems very enthusiastic about helping us out so it's looking good so far.

Yeah... good stuff.

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