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April 5, 2007. Thursday. 11:20pm. Listening to: Ryan Adams-… - Angie's Peace Corps (Namibia) Adventure

Apr. 6th, 2007

02:23 pm

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April 5, 2007. Thursday.
Listening to: Ryan Adams- Demolition

Got my package from Liz & Siggi today! What what?! A very fun, sweet, & thoughtful package indeed. Man, I wish these girls were still here. Since I only came to the north in September of last year I only got to spend about 2 months in their neighborhood. We didn’t get too spend as much time as I would have hoped, but both girls were super sweet to me in the short time we knew each other. Actually I ‘knew’ Liz through myspace way before I ever set foot in Namibia. I only met Siggi towards the very end which is a shame, but at the same time shows what kind of a person she is.

I remember the day back in October that Siggi, Anne, & Tamara stayed at my place (it was a crowded room for sure, since my ‘house’ is small) just weeks before they were set to COS. Anyways, Siggi asked me what I liked & said she’d send me a pkg. when she got back home. I told her some stuff, though honestly I was quite unprepared for the question & didn’t offer much. I remember thinking that’s really sweet but they’ll probably get so busy w/ life when they get back that they won’t remember this.

So I must say I’m grateful & thrilled that they did. Thanks ladies, you more than made my day. By the way, Liz is the PCV whose site I would go to for the last few months of last year to use the internet UNLIMITED & for FREE. So she rocks double style.

Tomorrow I plan to go to town to use the internet. Before I do that though I’ll have to do a journal entry about what the perfect package sent to me looks like on the outside. Liz & Siggi, I could not stop laughing out loud today when I picked up the package. Absolutely hilarious. To be honest, even I was blown away by the technique. This is the way you all who send me packages need to try to design these packages. This package got here completely intact & in a matter of 3 weeks. I think the whole religion thing really works on averting thieves. I might have to frame the outside of this box- it’s the paragon of a perfect outer layer of a package.

I’ll have to share the details on how to construct it tomorrow though cause I’m beat tonight. And I just ate a bunch of Reese’s pieces mixed with pistachios. What a combination. I might explode tonight.

I just finished reading “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder earlier this week. You should read it too. I started “Lost in Translation” by Eva Hoffman. I have got to read “A Long Walk to Freedom” while I’m in Africa. But it’s such a long book. I’m afraid once I start it, I won’t be reading anything else for a long long time. Maybe after Lost in Translation, Life of Bees, and High Fidelity :)

With that said, I’m gonna read for about 2 minutes & crash out. I’m looking forward to this 4 day weekend- I plan to catch up on work & some little things around the house, read, maybe write some letters, study, & relax.

See you tomorrow on the internet I hope! Peace.